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"My son took his ISEE last week and said that your questions were the closest thing to the real test. Can’t thank you enough for making these available!”
A.W. Parent of student applying to Lakeside School


“So grateful to have found your tests. All the other reliable ISEE websites we found charged absurd prices for these, some as high as $70 for one paper!”
T. N. Parent of 9th grader, CA
“My daughter has been preparing for her Middle Level over the past 4 months working through practice test after practice test. It was frustrating because the other ISEE tests we had varied so much in difficulty and length, so it was hard to know what to expect in the official test. We only recently found your full-length tests, and finally feel like we have reliable sample tests to practice from.”
J.B. Parent of a student , Houston
“My daughter sat the lower level last month and said that your tests were the most accurate and similar to the final exam. Thank you!”
A.G. Parent of 4th grader, NY
“We’re from the UK and there are very few good ISEE tutors here. As a result, we relied on online resources like yours to get our son prepared. It made a huge different to his learning curve having the full test papers at his disposal. His results have improved dramatically since November, and his test is next week! Fingers crossed”
B.Z. Parent of student accepted to American School Of London
“A quick thank you! My son scored an 8-9-8-6 on his ISEE from earlier this month. Couldn’t have done it without your test samples.”
T.H. Parent of 6th grader
“Thanks for all your help. My daughter just got in to our 1st choice school - St Paul's.
R.H. Parent of student accepted to St. Paul's School, Houston 
“My eldest son took the higher level ISEE several years ago and at the time we really struggled to find reliable full length tests. My youngest is taking the test now and we are so relieved to have found a resource like yours. He has been taking your tests in timed conditions, and it is really helping with time management. 
L.T. Parent of students Grades 9 & 11
“Wish I had found you sooner, I spent over $200 on ISEE resources and none have been as reliable and accurate as yours.”
F.W. Parent of student
“Thank you so much for your tests. Having now taken the real Upper Level test, your questions were definitely the most reflective of the final exam.”
Y.B. 9th Grade Student
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